Casa Blanca: Coffee Redeemed and Family Restored

When we begin to think of the Holidays and all the beauty and excitement that surrounds the season, often we are drawn to family. It is the one season that no matter how far away from your people you may be—you do everything you can to make it back to them. Family is central to our formation, the paths we take in life and the shaping of our future. In many cultures around the world, family has a deeply ingrained and often generational importance that exceeds what we see here in the United States.

Our purpose is to make an impact in communities around the world, and we believe that can start with just ONE family. So grab your coffee and hear the story of the Palma Family. Delma is a single mother raising four daughters in the beauty of Honduras. Delma had a plot of land that had been deserted by her ex-husband and the girl's father when he left. This Finca (Coffee Farm) had been a source of sadness and desertion for them for many years. It had not been farmed or cultivated for a healthy crop, and they had no intention of revisiting it. So when our partners in Honduras found out about this family and the Finca, they immediately knew they could help this family experience a life change through a healthy and bountiful coffee harvest. Thus began Casa Blanca estate—a beautiful farm located about 30 minutes away from the village and primed for superior coffee cherry growth.

This family has blossomed as they have learned to nurture and grow farmland they had long forgotten about and given up on ever using. We are seeing and experiencing a story unfold before our eyes of a family who just needed someone to believe in them. The coffee Finca was a dream they never knew they had and it has empowered them to dream new dreams. With this year’s coffee harvest and the initial sales from Casa Blanca—one daughter, Karen, is already studying English. Karen has plans to begin learning through the Honduran Coffee Institute and go even deeper into the world of coffee farming, harvesting, and roasting so that she can manage and oversee the Finca throughout her life. We are very excited about her future and look forward to being a part of her story for a long time. These seemingly small things will provide a generational change that has the potential to pivot the entire trajectory of this family’s life and future.

It has been a year and a half since the Palma family connected to our partners in Honduras and already they are looking for ways to empower others. There is renewed life purpose for this family and vision for the impact they can create together. Through the business foundation built at Casa Blanca, the Palma family is beginning to see the opportunity to support and reach out to others in their community who need encouragement as they develop their businesses. This outward focus started by employing a local construction business to build a new drying house on Casa Blanca. This team, led by our friend Rafael Cruz, recently received equipment and tools from coffee sales to help him take on further projects in the villages because this isn’t just about the famers—we are seeing communities change through coffee.

The most significant opportunity to date for the Palma family will be in the next few months as the Murillo family will be moving onto their Finca. This will be a massive life change for this family of nine, providing shelter (their very first home), fresh water through a BioSand water filter, and relationship. And because of coffee proceeds this fall, the Palma’s will surprise the family’s seven children with Christmas gifts in the coming weeks. The coffee sales and life change in one family has indeed begun to spill over and impact so many lives around them—and we are grateful to be a small part of the story.

Our deepest hope at Non-Fiction Coffee is to find strategic partners who are willing to pour into farmers, community leaders and locals relationally in each region we source our coffee from and see real impact continue to reach beyond what we could have hoped—all through the simple resource and commodity of coffee. Your intentional decision to choose Non-Fiction when you buy coffee makes way for these stories to unfold and impacts generations of families.