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Big Spoon Blend

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 Sold In 12 Oz. or 2 Lb. Bag

Tasting Notes: Butterscotch, Baker's Chocolate, Orange Zest
Region: Guatemala / Colombia
Elevation: 900–1900 masl
Process: Washed Process


This exclusive Big Spoon Blend is a beautiful combination of Guatemala and Colombia. And it is exactly what you are experiencing the coffee ice creams coming from Big Spoon Creamery!

The Big Spoon Blend was never in the plan. But then coffee ice cream came last summer Big Spoon Creamery and people L O V E D it. So we met with the amazing Big Spoon team and we all decided there was something special to this coffee blend. We wanted to use it to make a difference in our community. But we would need to find a non-profit that would benefit. Someone local. Someone who needed community support. And someone who was making a difference for individuals and families that were impacted by disabilities. It was Ryan with Big Spoon that first threw out Unless U but it took 0.5 seconds for the rest of the room to resound in confident agreement! And so the Big Spoon Blend was born—with 100% of the retail proceeds going back to Unless U.

All proceeds from these bags go to Unless U as they continue to work towards finishing their new building. A building that will allow them to serve more students and is going to include a beautiful ice cream shop—Unless U Scoops—to help create jobs! This is something we are all about and we know you are too! Thanks for being a part of this amazing story as we see every single day coffee making a difference locally and around the world.

Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.