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Guatemala: Yepocapa Coffee Bundle

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Sold in three (3) 12 Oz. Bags

It has been our honor to work with Yepocapa Coffee for a few years now, and we’re truly excited to share our first ever Guatemalan Bundle with you all! These coffees have each become favorites of ours, and we know you’ll love having each of these offerings in your home. They each tell a unique story about our industry and about the wonderful people who make our line of work so special. Whether you love coffee’s capacity to span many flavor profiles, you simply love Guatemalan coffees, or you’re eager to gift an incredible curation of coffees to your favorite coffee lover -- this bundle is for you!

Yepocapa Coffee is one of those importing companies that understands coffee’s capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of people around the world. They’re doing so through financially incentivizing quality farm practices, through frequent communication and investment in their producer partners, and by telling the story of producers and communities along the way -- not to mention, they’re importing some of the best coffees in all of Guatemala! We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on these coffees!

Lote Colectivo

Region: Yepocapa, Guatemala
Producers: Smallholder Farmers from La Cooperativa San Pedrana
Elevation: 1,000-1400 MASL
Process: Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation
Tasting Notes: Pecan, Toffee, Brownie Batter


We're proud to release Lote Colectivo to you all, which comes to us from our friends over at Yepocapa Coffee in Guatemala. Lote Colectivo or the "collective lot" is a community harvest from La Cooperativa San Pedrana in Yepocapa.

We've been impressed with the Yepocapa community for years now, so we were not surprised that this community lot was so exceptional. The coffee is balanced and delightful. The flavor leans toward a chocolate, nutty profile but carries this delightful caramelized sugar sweetness throughout.


Las Nubes

REGION: San Pedro Yepocapa, Chimaltenango
VARIETAL: Bourbon, Caturra, & Catuai
PROCESS: Fully Washed, Dry Fermentation, Patio Dried
TASTING NOTES: Peach Candy, Dark Honey, Marmalade


The team at Yepocapa firmly believe in forming intentional, long-lasting relationships within the community of San Pedro Yepocapa. A guiding principle of theirs is to show farmers that their work and their lives have purpose. 

One of those farmers is Don Evaristo Charuc, who has produced coffee for Yepocapa since 2015. Don Evaristo’s family has been farming coffee for generations; his grandparents would even pray over each seed as they planted them into the soil. He shares his family’s love for coffee farming and hopes the generations to come can experience the joys of the trade.


Finca La Hermosa

Region: Acatenango, Chimaltenango
Producer: Max Perez
Varietal: Pacamara
Elevation: 1500 MASL
Process: Natural
Notes: Passionfruit Tea, Chocolate Covered Açaí, Mango, Mimosa


We're truly honored to be able to offer this excellent, award winning coffee to you all this year. Max Perez produced this Pacamara Natural on his farm, Finca La Hermosa, in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. This past year, Max entered this very coffee into the national Cup of Excellence competition and came in 9th place.

Max has already entered coffees from his farm into national competitions this year and has received 2nd and 3rd placements. We have a very limited supply of this coffee, which is highlighted by its incredible aroma and bright, tea-like florality. This is truly a coffee to cherish and enjoy!


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