Finca Cordillera del Fuego

Costa Rica

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Origin: Costa Rica
Region: Tarrazu
Altitude: 1600 – 1750 masl
Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos
Farm: Finca Cordillera del Fuego
Varieties: Caturra
Processing: Anaerobic
Harvest: November 2018 – March 2019


Tasting Notes: Madagascar Vanilla, Cinnamon, Rum, and Asian Pear


Costa Rica has long been known for its high quality coffee, but, up until 10-15 years ago, coffees from numerous farms would mix their crops in with neighboring farmers and all process their coffee together. Just recently, coffee producers like Luis Eduardo Campos have begun to use their own post harvest equipment to process their own coffee according to the method best suited for their harvest. Luis reserved a portion of his harvest from Finca Cordillera del Fuego in Costa Rica to be processed through anaerobic fermentation, which draws its inspiration from the wine industry.

The process begins with Luis hand picking only the most ripe coffee cherries, which allows the coffee to develop rich, natural sugars. The coffee is then depulped and set into oxygen-free, stainless steel drums to ferment, which allows lactic acid and malic acid to intensify, yielding a silky body and a tart sweetness in the cup. Once the coffee has reached a complex yet balanced sweetness, the coffee is removed and naturally sun-dried. You can expect intense sweetness and vibrant complexity in the finished product that would not be possible without the risk and innovation of Luis Eduardo Campos. We’re thankful for producers like Luis, who push the envelope in order to grow the reach  and potential of the industry as a whole.

Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.