Finca La Unica

Honduras: Natural

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Tasting Notes: Watermelon, Strawberry Preserves, Tea-Like
REGION: Cartagua, Copan, Honduras
PRODUCER: Leticia Lopez Hutchins
PROCESS: Natural 
FARM CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Certified Organic, Bird Friendly, Fair Trade Certified


Honduras Natural is here and we can't wait for y'all to experience this truly special coffee! This coffee is from Finca La Unica, Leticia Lopez Hutchins farm, in Copan, Honduras -- the same farm that yielded the honey processed Honduras that we've been offering and the sister farm of our washed Honduras coffee. The natural process has yielded such a bright fruit-forward flavor profile in the finished product of this coffee. Upon grinding this coffee, your whole room will fill up with vibrant, red-fruit and floral aromas. In the cup, we've been tasting a good bit of watermelon and strawberry - perfect for your summer coffee! 


More on the Farm: 

Our newest partnership has brought to us a delightfully complex coffee from Finca La Unica in Copan, Honduras. Finca La Unica, which is owned and operated by Leticia Lopez Hutchins, is a sister farm of the Finca Terrerito group in Copan. Coffee, among many other industries, can be male dominated, so we’re truly honored to support this woman owned farm. And, as a family owned business ourselves, we truly appreciate that Finca Terrerito is a family operation, committed to “improving lives, sustainable farming, and extraordinary coffee”. Through a Direct Trade model, they’re able to increase economic stability for their community, while staying true to their values.


More on the Process: 

Naturally processed coffees are often compared to red wines in that each of them are processed with the skins. Similar to red wine, coffees that go through a natural process tend to have a rich flavor profile. The natural coffee process entails the coffee cherry being picked at its ripest and dried with the fruit intact. As the sun dries the coffee cherries, a semi-fermentation takes place and enhances the coffee's sweetness and acidity, which yields a more fruit-forward flavor profile. 

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