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Sold In 12 Oz. Bag

Tasting Notes: Pear, Green Grape, Cantaloupe.

Elevation: 1500 masl

Varieties: Catuai, S795, Caturra and Typica

We are proud to offer this Limited Edition Coffee to our family this holiday season. In Myanmar, formerly Burma, smallholder farmers in Ywangan began growing coffee in the early 1980's, as a substitute crop for poppie's.  In this region farmers typically own a quarter to half an acre and they intercrop a few varieties of Arabica coffee with other crops such as avocado, jackfruit, jengkol beans, papaya, and shady macadamia trees. This coffee is a standout in the sweet flavor and fruit forward tasting notes. It is sure to be a crowd pleaser and a great way to share this small regions great work with those around you--or just inspire you as you drink a morning cup of coffee.

Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.