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We are a group of individuals with a collective love for coffee, who see its power and potential to cause meaningful change. At our core, we are mindful of people, regardless of circumstance, and conscious of our purpose -- to roast coffee with excellence and to use our platform and profits to honor producers and to support those who are doing the work of making our communities a better place to live. 

We face a historically unethical system in the green coffee industry, one in which the producers are more often left without a seat at the table. Change is made possible when we view the supply chain from a bottom-up perspective, where producers are elevated and every contributor is seen as a stakeholder. 

Our Core Values:

Non-Fiction strives to dignify coffee producers and their communities through Meaningful Relationship, Intentional Giving, and Exceptional Roasting.

Meaningful Relationship: 

  • Relationships provide the necessary framework to build the sustainable supply chain in which we desire to operate. By rejecting transactional anonymity, we choose to see producers for their personhood and not just the products they create. Whether directly or through carefully vetted importing partners, we seek to be aware of the challenges they face both individually and communally. We’re able to invest in their family and in their farm, ensuring that they are provided a livable wage and that their communities are provided care.  

Intentional Giving:

  • We believe that businesses, regardless of size, have a responsibility to their communities and to the people with whom they exchange goods and services. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We choose to reinvest a portion of our profits into local non-profits, who share a common conviction to embrace and empower marginalized communities. 

Exceptional Roasting:

  • Having seen firsthand the immense labor required to produce specialty coffee, our team has a deep sense of respect and responsibility toward our producer partners. We roast our coffees on top of the line equipment and with the utmost attention to detail in constant pursuit of upholding the quality of each coffee. As we share these coffees with you all, we’re putting forth the names and the products of these producers, and it’s our utmost desire that those very producers would be honored through the finished product of their labor. 


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