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Sold In 12 Oz. or 2 Lb. Bag

Tasting Notes: Maraschino Cherry, Graham Cracker, and Cinnamon

Region: Banz, Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea / Huila, Colombia

Elevation: 1480–1900 masl

Process: Fully Washed

This edition of Anthology features two coffees, while excellent on their own, that truly shine when paired together. Freshness in coffee is imperative, and is almost synonymous with quality. We pride ourselves on offering delicious, fresh-crop coffees at Non-Fiction. We’ve paired our Colombian and Papua New Guinean coffees for you all in this balanced yet complex blend. 

Our Colombian coffee has come to be known for its acidity and it’s syrupy texture - acting as a staple in several of our blends. We’ve typically paired it with our other Central or South American coffees, but we decided to try it with something new. We knew very quickly that we were on to something special when we combined Colombia with Papua New Guinea. We often compare these two coffees to one another since they each boast a syrupy texture and unique acidity. When combined, these two coffees yield a heavy, syrup forward body reminiscent of maraschino cherries, which is balanced out by a cinnamon, graham cracker sweetness. There is so much complexity in this blend; in fact, if we could list 10+ tasting notes on this coffee, we would. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this iteration among the Anthology series.

Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.