Decaf Colombia

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Notes: Graham Cracker, Toffee, Pecan
Region: Cauca, Colombia
Process: E.A. Process (Chemical-Free)

Elevation: 1500-2100 MASL


We take pride in our decaf coffee, here, at Non-Fiction. Over the years, we've offered decaf coffees that have gone through various decaffeination processes. Through the many offerings we've gone through, we're confident that this decaf is our best yet! We're convinced that the E.A. process, or sugar cane process as it's often called, is the best process to decaffeinate high-quality arabica coffees. The E.A. process doesn't take away from or cover up the coffee's natural sweetness but actually adds to it. We taste a great deal of sweetness, complexity, and balance in each cup!

The E.A. process is a natural, chemical-free process, which decaffeinates coffee through a series of washing and steaming. Initially, the coffees are steamed and moistened to loosen the silver skin of the coffee and to begin the hydrolysis process. The coffees are then rinsed with Ethyl Acetate (E.A.) which binds to the caffeine and delicately removes it from the coffee. 

Our decaf coffee is grown in the Cauca region of Colombia and processed at Descafecol, which is in the Andean region of Colombia -- the only of its kind in the region. If you're an all day decaf drinker or if you love a decaf coffee night cap, you'll love this coffee!


Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.