Finca La Unica / Finca Terrerito

Honduras : A Journey Through Processing

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For the first time, Non-Fiction is proud to offer three coffees from the same family in Honduras that have all undergone different processing methods: washed, honey, and natural. Al Lopez, owner of Finca Terrerito, and Leticia Lopez Hutchins, owner of Finca La Unica and Al’s daughter, have produced three unique coffees all in the same growing region. 

Processing can completely alter the flavor profile of a coffee, and, when done properly, can enhance all the positive qualities naturally inherent in a coffee. With this bundle, you’ll be experiencing growing and processing at its finest. Washed coffees tend to be more clean and mild, honey coffees tend to have more acidity and complexity, and natural coffees tend to be more fruit forward and rich. Join us in celebrating these these excellent coffees!


Honduras : Washed

TASTING NOTES: Dark Chocolate, Almond, Smooth
REGION: Corquin, Copan, Honduras
PRODUCERS: Adelmo Lopez
CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Organic, Con Manos De Mujeres, Bird Friendly, Fair Trade


Adelmo "Al" Lopez is a 4th generation coffee producer and the owner of Finca Terrerito. As a multi-generational coffee producer, Al and the team at Finca T have their roots in their community in Copan, Honduras. All of their hard work and passion come together in the final product -- incredible coffee.

 This coffee is clean, rich, and smooth. We're tasting a heavy portion of chocolate in this coffee with a slight nuttiness in the profile, as well. This coffee is delicious on it's own, but can certainly stand up to cream and sugar. Join us in supporting the hard and purposeful work of Al and team at Finca T!


Honduras : Honey

TASTING NOTES: Hibiscus, Butterscotch, Complex
REGION: Cartagua, Copan, Honduras
PRODUCER: Leticia Lopez Hutchins
FARM CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Certified Organic, Bird Friendly, Fair Trade Certified


Honey Honduras is back! This past year was our first harvest to offer a honey processed coffee, and we're truly thrilled to be able to offer the same coffee this year. We were blown away by the sweetness and complexity of this coffee last harvest, but this year we've been blown away! Leticia Lopez Hutchins and the team at Finca La Unica produced such a complex and richly sweet coffee this year. 

There aren't any brewing methods that don't do this coffee justice. If you're a french press brewer, you're going to love how syrupy and full bodied this coffee is. If you're a pour-over aficionado or you just love batch brew, you're going to fall in love with how bright and complex this coffee can be. Needless to say, honey processed Honduras needs to be in your morning coffee lineup. 


Honduras : Natural

TASTING NOTES: Watermelon, Strawberry Preserves, Tea-Like
REGION: Cartagua, Copan, Honduras
PRODUCER: Leticia Lopez Hutchins
PROCESS: Natural 
FARM CERTIFICATIONS: USDA Certified Organic, Bird Friendly, Fair Trade Certified


Honduras Natural is here and we can't wait for y'all to experience this truly special coffee! This coffee is from Finca La Unica, Leticia Lopez Hutchins farm, in Copan, Honduras -- the same farm that yielded the honey processed Honduras that we've been offering and the sister farm of our washed Honduras coffee. 

The natural process has yielded such a bright fruit-forward flavor profile in the finished product of this coffee. Upon grinding this coffee, your whole room will fill up with vibrant, red-fruit and floral aromas. In the cup, we've been tasting a good bit of watermelon and strawberry - perfect for your summer coffee! 


Please Note: All coffee bean orders are roasted fresh and may take 24-48 hours before shipping.